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* These treatments are not suitable for you if you are pregnant or breast feeding as some of the ingredients used in the products are not recommended.
** We can personalize these treatments for you if you are pregnant or breast feeding by choosing different products. Please mention this when making your booking.

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Organic and hydrating spray tan that will guarantee even and natural finish. Your spray tan will last up to 10 days depending of your home care and will fade out evenly
Longer lasting and more nourishing solution
Full body exfoliation that will prepare your skin for your spray tan, exfoliation and spray tan included. +5e with anti-aging solution
inc. Lash and eyebrow tint and eyebrow shape
Microblading is a technique where your professional technician will design and draw your new natural looking eyebrows. Microblading is done by using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. The result is a natural, real life looking hair stroke.

Please note that microblading requires two sessions.

How long will they last

The pigment will go into the dermal layer of the skin between epidermis and dermis. Because our skin will renew itself microblading will fade out with time usually lasting approximately 12 months depending on your skin type, sun exposure, metabolism, excess perspiring and sauna for example. It has also been noticed that light colours will fade out quicker then dark ones.

How does it feel

The procedure is done by using a tool with ultra-fine needles and each hair is gently drawn onto the skin so depending on each client some may find it painful. When making eyebrows it is possible to use local numbing product after the first lines.

Touch up

After the first session, your colour may fade up to 40% so it is necessary to do a touch up after your eyebrows have fully healed so approximately in 4 – 6 weeks. The touch up session will refine your eyebrows and ensure an even colour and shape and durability.

Before microblading

  • Avoid eyebrow shaping and tinting
  • It is recommended for you to do your normal eyebrow make-up before attending your appointment. Please make sure not to use waterproof products.
  • It is recommended not to use alcohol or medication 48hrs before your appointment
  • Avoid treatments and products with AHA or vitamin A
  • It is recommended to stop using products with omega 3 and vitamin E about a week before your appointment

 Microblading is not suitable for clients with:

– diabetes

– epilepsy

– HIV or hepatitis

– pregnancy/breast feeding

– infection

– blood thinning medication, medication for acne, course of cortisone

– cancer treatments

– tendency for keloid scars

– numbing cream allergy (not necessary to use)

– latex allergy

– under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or hangover

– hemofilia

– UV exposure (beach holidays)

– conjunctivitis

After microblading:

– Your eyebrows may look irritated and pink or feel a bit tender. In the next few days your skin will start to scab over and you may notice the colour of your brows changing temporarily. Your skin will renew itself so it will start to peel leaving a lighter pigment, make sure to avoid rubbing and picking your skin when this occurs or you may affect the end result.

– After your treatment, your technician will apply protective cream over your brows and it is important not to touch or rub your brows. It is also highly recommended to follow a strict hand washing routine. When needed you may wash your skin with lukewarm water or pat it with a damp cotton pads.

– Apply your protection cream morning and night over your brows, make sure to avoid excess use and not to block your skin with too much product which will slow down the healing process.

 –  For the first week after your treatments it is recommended not to use cosmetics like make-up, cleansing products or oils over your brows.

 – It is best to fully avoid sauna, swimming, tanning and solarium at least a week after your appointment

After the procedure, it is the clients responsibility to make sure to follow the required home care instructions. Please contact our microblading technician if you have any more questions or require more information.

With Youngblood mineral make ups or Boho organic make ups)
inc. Trial and make-ups for bride and groom with Youngblood mineral make ups or Boho organic make ups,
x2 Gold eye contour mask
Youngblood mineral make ups or Boho organic make ups)