We only use high quality professional brands:

sothysPLegendary, 70 years in the business and our leading salon brand Sothys is very well know all around the world, offering a huge variety of high quality professional products and luxurious face- & body treatments in the salon. We always make sure to find the most suitable products for your skin type to set up your home care routine.

bernardcassiereFrom France Bernard Cassier is our other main brand we use in our facials and body treatments. These beautiful professional products have been developed with no animal testing and will pamper your skin with vegetal ingredients.

Vita Liberata- Natural spray tanning and so luxurious! Now also available NEW & revolutionary Anti-age spray tanning solution. Brighten up your day instantly with a gorgeous tanned skin, evenly applied in a fine mist and so natural. We always consult your expectations so you will get the perfect colour for your skin type and occasion. Your tan will last up to 10 days and wears off evenly. We also retail Vita Liberata products for your to use at home!

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e613c-murad_logoDr. Howard Murad (USA) founded the first modern doctor brand of clinical skincare products. These highly effective & professional Murad products and salon treatments have been designed especially for the problematic skins like acne and rosacea.

logo-youngblood1Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics (USA) is a full professional mineral makeup range. All Youngblood products are formulated with 100% pure luxurious minerals. Your skin will look and feel luminous. A unique process is used to create luxurious formulations that are free from talc, fillers, chemical dyes, nano-particles and fragrances that can irritate the skin. Youngblood products are non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and include Titanium Dioxide for natural sun protection, ideal for the sensitive-, acne-, couperosa- and rosacea skins. In association with Allergy and asthma federation.

saules_fabrikaThese beautiful hand made products with natural ingredients come from Latvia. Only the ingredients of the highest quality are used in the production, selection of the best bounties of nature: plants, essential oils and extracts are used to bring you joy and utmost benefit for your health and beauty.

pinkPinks Boutique Professional, Natural and Certified-Organic products come from the UK. Pinks offers you Soil Association certified Organic Luxury skin and body care products. Every aspect of Pinks Boutique, from the organic products to the responsible business practices are driven by their ethical values and strong belief in beauty, nature, and truth.

lashLady lash extensions is all professional and high quality lash & volume extension brand that will give you instantly beautiful long lashes. Your eyelash technician will apply and attach each synthetic lash separately on to your own eyelashes this will guarantee a natural finish. It is recommended to attend your lash appointment every 3-5 weeks to keep them looking great.

Boho is your all natural make-up brand! Gorgeous Boho Green Revolution is all about being natural and ethical from the organic ingredients and beautiful packaging to all the way to their business practices.


Beauty Garden is 100% natural skin care brand from France. These amazing products are made with pure and organic ingredients like carrot, pumpkin, cucumber, camomile, radish and marigold. These gorgeous ingredients are hand picked straight out of the beautiful organic gardens in Auriac. All the production is base on the seasons, only producing skin care products when the garden is ready to be harvested.