NEW! Certified organic professional cosmetics and treatments – PHYTS!

Kirjoittanut: Anu Puura - Golden Day Spa:n yrittäjä, SKY kosmetologi

Do you want your skin care products and treatments to be 100% natural?

Now it`s possible with this beautiful French certified Phyt`s professional brand, how has over 45 years experience of making natural salon beauty.

We want to offer to our clients resbonsible beauty and we have been expanded our natural cosmetics selection with this high-quality brand. At this moment we have comprehensive selection of skin care products and five effective spesial facials. Welcome to enjoy world of Phyts!



PHYT’S™ goes beyond COSMEBIO standards with 100% of its ingredients being of natural origin and the maximum amount of the formulas’ ingredients being organic where possible.

PHYT’S™, 100% of ingredients are of natural origin – this means paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free, phthalate-free, PEG-free, etc.