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* These treatments are not suitable for you if you are pregnant or breast feeding as some of the ingredients used in the products are not recommended.
** We can personalize these treatments for you if you are pregnant or breast feeding by choosing different products. Please mention this when making your booking.

Menu is valid starting 11.9.2020 till further notice. Value added tax (VAT) 24 %

Please note! We ask you to reschedule a day before at the very latest. After this we will charge you 30% of the value of your treatment if you miss your appointment.

This unforgettable wellness treatment with high quality & effective ingredients has been designed to renew your skin and instantly make fine lines appear smoother after the first treatment
Deep hydrating and relaxing treatment for all skin types
Discover the new Youth Intensive treatment! 1 hour and 30 minutes of targeted treatment to combat the signs of ageing: wrinkles and slackened skin. This ultra-sophisticated treatment, which takes the same approach as the other Sothys Intensive treatments, combines ultra-targeted products with expert application methods. 
Energising and brightening treatment for all skin types
Boost the defenses of your skin with the new Seasonal nourishing treatment and its exotic notes of marqacuja and acai berry! Treatment suits for all skin types
Soothing and strengthening treatment for sensitive skin, all products are fragrance free
Firming and lifting treatment for your jaw line, neck & décolleté
Smoothing eye contour treatment for puffy eyes and dark under eyes
Anti-ageing & brightening treatment to even out your skin tone
Lifting, firming and nourishing anti-aging treatment
Energizing and detoxing facial, we don’t recommend mechanical extractions with this treatment
Brightening treatment for sun damaged skin & pigmentation
Deeply hydrating and nourishing treatment for dehydrated skin
Brightening, softening and detoxing treatment for all skin types
Balancing and deep cleansing treatment for congested & oily skin, massage not included
Calming and soothing treatment for sensitive skin and couperosa
The certified organic Panacée booth treatment offers a wonderful combination of effectiveness and sensorality
Hydrating treatment for all skin types
Energizing, brightening, anti-pollution treatment for all skin types
Nourishing and pampering treatment for dry skin
Lifting and smoothing treatment for all skin types
Soothing and calming treatment for sensitive skin and couperosa. 
Brightens dull and pigmented skins.
Normalising and purifying, Aromaclear takes care of the beauty of oily skin that shows imperfections, an uneven skin texture, open and blocked pores.
Pampering Gua Sha facial for face, shoulders and scalp.
Light Gua Sha facial for face and scalp.
Renewing Gua Sha facial for men.
Deep cleansing & balancing treatment for acne skin
Deep cleansing & balancing treatment for acne skin mechanical extractions included
Deep cleansing & balancing treatment for acne skin, mechanical extractions and massage included
Cleansing treatment for your back
Powerful renewing peeling treatment.
Calming, soothing and strengthening treatment for couperosa and rosacea, includes massage